Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Modern day mortification, and "the clapper."

Our 15 year old daughter Kate wants a clapper for Christmas. I have tried to explain to her that a "clapper" would be a really crappy gift unless your 75-ish, but she still wants one. The problem is that even if she had a "clapper " , she would still leave the light on which would mean that I would have to go all of the way up the stairs to clap the thing off , which wouldn't be any different than me going all of the way up there to flip a switch. I got so frustrated with her for not ever turning off her lights that I finally just took her table lamp. I wonder if she would like some underwear for Christmas instead?

St. Nicholas pray for us, and for my Kate. Dear God , please help me to bring a joyful Christmas to Kate, and to all of our children. I just can't seem to get into it this year.


Adrienne said...

My Dad was a hysteric when it came to leaving lights on. He was kind of an irritating fellow so I left the lights going on purpose to tick him off. It worked!

Belinda said...

You've figured out the relationship that Kate ,and I have. I seriously need Gods help.
The problem with the light is that she leaves a 60 wattenergy efficient bulb burning all night ,and the light travels down to my room so I am forced to deal with it. How hard is her life gonna be if she cant figure out how to turn off a light. The expense was never an issue for me. Geese we're not burning whale oil, or something that we couldn't afford.
It costs 4.51 to run her celing fan 24/7 and .41c to run her night light for a month ,but it is only 1.23 to run a light bulb 24 hours a day. Expense isn't the problem.
Kate is very sweet ,and everyone loves her, but she leaves a trail of frustrated people where ever she goes. And whenever I make a confession she is always part of my confession somehow, and you know who the "Problem" is right? -it's me.