Thursday, December 11, 2008

Dear God,

Remember last week when I drove past the cheese cake restaurant,
and I prayed in my mind-
"Hey , Dear God how's about sending me a piece of cheese cake this week"?
I laughed , and I wondered who you would send with cheese cake.
Thanks for the cheesecake it was especially sweet considering that I started my diet today. Your so thoughtful.
You know about all of those other thoughts that you have heard me thinking
about throughout the years? I am really sorry.


Vincenzo said...

I'm going to make one with raspberry in it and oreo crust.

Belinda said...

Your temptation has no hold over me what so ever. I hate raspberries.
I make a white chocolate cheesecake with lemon. I add to the batter 1 package of white chocolate chips melted with a little cream added so that it doesn't burn. I use a reg graham crust. Homemade of course. I sound like such a snot when I read my writing here. I make me sick.

Vincenzo said...

Ooh that one looks good.
Oh yes I put shaved white chocolate on top too.
Usually I make crusts out of crushed pecans, butter and cinnamon.