Saturday, December 13, 2008

Dear God,

I would like to see one of your "moon-bows" before I die someday. I really enjoyed the bubbling mud pots at "Yellowstone" , and listening to the hissing sounds of the icy waters mixing with the hot waters, and the sounds of the geysers erupting. That was so cool. I loved thinking about how powerful ,and magnificent your waterfalls were , and yet they are nothing in comparison to you. You sure know how to play. It was freaky to see your bears walking around freely without cages. I loved "Yellowstone". I learned a lot in those 9 days. Please send me back :) - but on second thought all of that car time with Joseph would just make me cry, and if we did go back how would I carry 7 bikes? Can Joseph ride on the bike rack? Thanks God, Love Belinda

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