Monday, December 22, 2008

The dreaded "Holiday Letter". Paul wrote it ,and he sent out all of the Christmas cards too. Isn't he wonderful !

Joseph is in Kindergarten. He loves everything to do with the outdoors, hunting, fishing, camping, camo cloths, fire department uniforms and gear, trucks, food, and picking on his sisters, etc.

Rose is in the 4th grade. She loves camping and the outdoors. She also likes to draw, and is currently drawing a picture of the horse “Spirit” from the same movie , and Elizabeth said she would have the animator of the movie sign her drawing for her. She likes anything to do with horses and all the stuff that little girls like. She helps the neighbors take care of their horses.

Maria is in the 6th grade. She has a great since of humor. She loves her cats (3 outdoor cat's) and dogs (3, one that is ours, one that is Sarah’s and one that belongs to the neighbor). It seems like every stray animal in the neighborhood finds Maria. She’s a great cook too, and she also helps our neighbors take care of their horses.

Grace is in the 9th grade and loves her new school. She is busy working on her homework and spends a lot of time on her laptop. She is a talented seamstress and enjoys making clothes. (and she doesn't use patterns either) She’s also a good artist. She likes antique books, especially anything to do with the “prairie” life style.

Kate is in the 9th grade and could not care less about school. She has a great since of humor, and she loves to play on her computer. I found out that she is a pretty good artist when she puts her mind to it. She likes to cook and watch movies. She loves clothes and fashion, and she loves the band “ Journey”…. and "Steve Perry".

Ana is a freshman at College, and she loves the new friends that she's made. She is part of the "Mass Club" , and the "cigar club". (She said that they wear cool vests) and she has found out that it is not as easy as high school. She is the freshman class secretary, and she’s doing great . She thinks that she may want to be a teacher, and she still works at the YMCA as a life guard, and a swimming instructor.

Elizabeth began work on her Masters degree in digital animation. She attends school in Southern California and loves it. She would like to have a little money so she that could do more things though. She has the most fun stories to tell us , about the people in L.A. and the Hollywood types.

Sarah works the night shift at a local lab and has also been working on her Masters degree in Public health. She’s doing great, other than not liking her work schedule . She has to get up at 1:00 AM. Sarah has a boy friend and they plan to marry in 2009. He's a soldier . They may move to Michigan where he will begin a family medicine residency. We are happy she has found the man that she wants to marry and look forward to their new life together.
As we prepare to celebrate Christmas, we are thankful that everyone is home.
The Christmas decorations are up and we have all been busy around the house and we've been out buying gifts. Through all of this, one of my favorite holiday pastimes at the end of the day is to sit and think about the manger and dream about what it would have been like to be there on that most holy night.
From our family to yours, may you have a Christmas filled with joy and peace, and may it be the same peace found in Christ’s nativity , and may he reign our hearts now and forever.

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