Saturday, December 6, 2008

Jesus what would "YOU" eat ? I really wanna know.

I am just guessing here, I don't presume to know what you would eat , except for the loaves ,and the fishes part, and I am going to assume that you ate your veggies , and you didn't argue with your mother. Would you eat real butter on your bread or would you eat margarine?

Lord would you eat Kosher, or would you eat the pork at the church barbecue? Would you eat canned foods which are not as good for you as frozen foods? Would you eat sushi?

What about "Twinkies, and Ho-Ho's". Would you eat a ''doughnut", or a "Pop tart" for breakfast, or a "Big Mac" with fries for lunch...Or would you eat only "organic". Would you always read the ingredient's label? Would you eat food from a laboratory you know "tweaked flavors"-enhanced? Would you ever eat a candy bar? If you ate meat would you kill it? If you were invited to a friends house Lord, and they had only foods that you didn't like would you still eat with them? Would you drink only bottled water? Would you go out "drinking with people"? Oh no , not to get drunk mind you, I know you would never do that , but to look for sinners to save, and for fellowship?

What do you want us to eat? I know what the old testament says's about food , but it is so very different today. I really do think that a lot of what we eat has turned into "food porn" you know - bigger, better grander , more , more, leaving our taste buds totally screwed up. I wonder if it messes up our brain chemistry too. Along with every organ in our bodies. I ate a fresh artificially flavored apple last week remember? Now how was that possible Lord? It was a grape flavored apple. A "grapple". Tell me how you feel about people making our food supply -" seeds" sterile. Better yet tell them.

I have often thought that the best way for an enemy to destroy a people is through their food or water supply. Isn't that what is actually happening now ?
Thanks Lord for listening to me ramble. I will wait patiently for your reply. Love Belinda

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Melody K said...

I bought some grapples once; they're not too bad, but they're expensive. I think if I want grapes I'll buy them, same with apples. If I want them together, I'll make a salad.