Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Nov 26 - Homily: St. Leonard of Port Maurice


LeoRufus said...

Thank you for borrowing this. At least one other person has been touched by this message. I think, especially at X-mas shopping time, many have their heads in the sand about the evils in the world around us. And I have been criticized for being too dour. Of course it is no fun to think about penance, but Advent is a penitential season. Just think of those Wal*Mart stampede people...who among them even thinks they committed a sin in their mad rush to get a cheap X-Box? They need our prayers for conversion.

Belinda said...

It's not just the stuff that is necessarily killing us ,they are just objects ,but it's our brain space that the stuff occupies within us. These things steal our minds, and hearts away from God. I am also amazed at the lengths people will go to for more stuff.
That same brain space that belongs to God, -we fill it up with endless possibilities of games, entertainment, and insatiable pleasures, all things other than God. I am beginning to think that Radio, TV, computer, books anything that we fill our heads with that has nothing to do with God is a sin. That's a pretty hard core idea, but I believe it. I will never have a very popular blog. Sin is sin, and I won't back down. I am dour, depressing, and determined.(My kind ,always end up with their heads on a platter, or on a bridge post ya know)

I think that the next world is an extension of this world. What ever you desired in this world is what you will get in the next.What ever your heart ,and mind were set on then that will be what you get.