Saturday, December 20, 2008

Oh my stars ! Do you know what they were talking about over on "Drudge" this evening ?

Holiday sex-
Yep, some people only get to have sex once a year
- at Christmas time.
They must have 8 kids too.
Now if you don't understand my joke,
that means that you don't have enough kids yet.
I would suggest that you go, and work on that ,
but not just yet , because now you have to wait until Christmas ,
or worse yet - maybe Easter.
( Belinda is wicked , and laughing hysterically)


Melody K said...

And those of us with kids are going, "Christmas sex?? Riiight!"
Though I do have one whose birthday is Aug. 31. (I guess we didn't give it up for Advent!)

Laura said...

Matt Drudge is definitely losing it. Did you see his "topless" poll today?