Sunday, December 21, 2008

K-Mart made me feel bad about myself.

My pillow had become un-pillowy, and flat.
So I drove myself with our 3 teens in the car to "J.C. Penney's ". We went to the "linens" department and walked to the back corner of the store , where I bumped into two men who were laughing hysterically.
The younger man was making fun of the older man, and joking around about how "old" the other guy was , and laughing about how poor the older man's "vision" had become , and while they were laughing I said to the young man.
Well you know how it works don't you? One day you will look into your bathroom mirror, and you will yell back at yourself- in horror, saying thing's like -" What in the hell has happened to me?", and when did this happen? Followed by you mumbling to yourself something like - "what can be done to fix this?".... The older man said, " yeah, and when you wake up you'll also find that you now have "Man boobs". I thought to myself - well that's just great,"Man- boobs, - I'll get an up-grade.
Then the kids , and I went to K-mart, because Penney's didn't have any feather pillows , and the only ones that K-Mart had were called "The Grandma Pillow". I thought to myself, "well that's a "passive agressive"name. I just can't buy anything that says's "Grandma" on it." I was feeling bad about myself anyway, but I broke down, and bought it ,because feather pillows are getting harder to find. Still I was so bummed about the name, and about myself that I had a lump in my throat as I was checking out , and I thought to myself as the cashier was ringing me up in a - "passive aggressive- sad sort of way", (much like a Belinda - "pity party") yeah well , while your at it- why don't you just thrown in a "Clapper", and a bed pan too."


Adrienne said...

We only have one feather pillow and it belongs to Sophie, our little blond dog....

But we do have a poofy feathe comforter that we got at Costco. It's like sleeping in a cave. Love it!

Kirk said...

I totally sympathise with you Belinda. I recently had to fill our a form and tick the 41-65 box! There was no space to put in that I was only sort of in that age bracket - well four years in anyway.