Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sometimes I am seized with fear.

And it feels awful .
I think - What if something bad happened to my husband
how would I take care of our children,
and what if one of our children got really sick.
How will we afford braces for Kate.
What kind of job should I get when Joseph goes to first grade?
What am I capable of doing ?
What will become of me should I get old.
And what will happen to Kate when I am gone.
Worst yet , what about my judgement day.
I hadn't even opened my eyes yet this morning ,
and these thoughts, and more slugged me in the stomach.
Like a wave of fear , and nausea.
Then I remembered my life raft....
Jesus I trust in you.
I repeat it until it's over, and it passes,
then I repeat it until I believe it,
then I repeat it until I know it!

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