Saturday, December 6, 2008

Stuck in the middle with you.

I have been out in public a lot this week, and when I went to the grocery store I noticed the new "Cosmo" magazine. They were talking about stuff that I thought was tasteless ,and shocking. Nothing seems to be off limits. I continue to be surprised at how quickly our decent has become. It's winter ladies, put some clothes on. Many people have lost their minds, and their minds were given away freely. I am struggling to keep what's left of mine. Until then I am stuck in the middle of this crazy world - with Paul, and Paul suffers ya know.


Melody K said...

What offends me about Cosmopolitan, etc. is their "sex as a contact sport" mentality. And the tabloids; do they really expect us to believe the stuff about the "bat-boy" and alien babies? Sometimes they even get religious, you know, the people who see Mother Teresa in a cinnamon bun.

Belinda said...

Melody your humor is delightful.

Melody K said...

Thanks, Belinda. So is yours!