Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I want to be like Mr. Jennings - Only really "Catholic"

When he was 11, Peter Jennings started attending Trinity College School in Port Hope, Ontario, where he excelled in sports. He struggled academically, and Jennings later surmised that it was out of "pure boredom" that he failed 10th grade and dropped out. "I loved girls," he said. "I loved comic books. And for reasons that I don't understand, I was pretty lazy." Jennings then briefly attended Carleton University, where he says he "lasted about 10 minutes"before dropping out.

*He failed 10th grade ! That would mean that technically he had only a 9th grade education. UNBELIEVABLE!! Okay, so here's what I am praying for today God. I am coming from behind, with little to no "real Catholic" education, and I fake it. (but these nice people that I blog with know that - God, who am I kidding !) If Peter can come from behind like that, then please -make me "Catholic" and make me a really good one. I don't want to be noticed though (please!) and although the money isn't too importiant to me,I still will need to leave something behind for Kate.

You know being a better "Catholic" serves only one purpose for me, and that is to become closer to you. Thanks God , love Belinda


DionysiosD said...

Here is what you do. Start with a study of the Compendium of the Catholic Catechism. Do a little every day to understand the fine points of Catholic teaching. Forget about a lot of the cultural stuff, there is a lot of stuff that is cultural - Irish, Italian, Mexican, whatever, some of it good (Mañanitas for the Virgin of Guadalupe) some of it not so much (St. Patrick's Day parties, bad excuse for getting drunk)- the cultural stuff is optional.

Go with what the catechism teaches first.

belinda said...

When I became Catholic I didn't even know about the cultural stuff. That's the fun part about Catholicism. You know- the kiss me I'm Irish t-shirt for the drink fest after the parade, and that Italian wedding that I went to once was the most fun ever!

Our lady of Guadalupe watches over me every time that I eat at my favorite Mexican restaurant.
(whilst I sit ,and laugh at Paul of course)
I even went to a "Polka" once, those "Poles" sure could dance, and that accordion music- wow!

Oh, but you forgot about
Mardi Gras, do you know what I had to do to get all of those beads? Those were just crazy times! LOL

DionysiosD said...

OMIGOSH, Belinda...Mardi Gras beads????!!@!!!!

No wonder they had Hurricane Katrina, you are the one to blame.