Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Dear Steve, and Barry - Thank you so much

Oh, sure one of your employees was cookoo for cocoa puffs ,
but I am confident that I can take him.
Elizabeth agreed, and she kept telling me ,"your too nice mom",
but I didn't want to hurt anyone, and maybe he was having a bad life or something.
Besides I don't want to go to hell, and even with his snarky remarks he was still doing us a favor.He was helping to "clothe the naked", and there was no mention in the bible of having to be nice about it.
I am more than willing to take some crap from people to a point especially when it's
beneficial for others.
Elizabeth was speaking to her Dad (Paul, my husband) about me whilst I was wheeling ,and
dealing on behalf of others. She was concerned with how I was being treated. Paul laughed, and
finally told her, "your mom can take care of herself", "she'll be fine." At one point , I had finally had enough of "Sybil" and was in his face. It was Belinda'isms indoors with my outdoor voice. I don't embarrass easily, nor do I care what people think, worse yet I lack a sense of fear- which is stupid. So getting into it with the manager is really no issue for me. I believe that he was glad to see me leave. Thank you Steve, and Barry , you were wonderful, and so were the majority of your employees, God bless you all. We will be able to do some great things with that stuff.
I love those "Catholic charities " stories when strangers over hear your 'isms, and remark about how grateful they are to "Catholic charities" for all that they had done for them in their time of need. Two women came up to me with those stories...... I dearly love Catholics.

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