Thursday, January 29, 2009

Poor Mr.Gore, he looks so troubled - over on "Drudge"

Dear Mr.Gore, Your looking so stressed. Everything is gonna be alright. Just breath. I am trying to do my part.
Did you know that I live in an earth contact home? (it doesn't look like a German Bunker either! ) My electric bill for the month of November was $150.00 almost exactly, and my home is all electric. I have 10 people in my family with 8 still living at home.
BTW ,On occasion I actually do cook in my fireplace - for fun. We have baked cakes in there before!!
I reuse , reduce, and sometimes I recycle. I rarely use paper towels, and I try to avoid harsh chemicals. I try not to use very much water, although what ever savings that I have made is quickly offset by my family . I often shop garage sales, and second hand shops. So Al I do try to do my part. I can appreciate that your trying to encourage us to be good stewards of the earth , and to manage , and use its resources responsibly. I get that , and I think that's a great idea.

And Al about that question - "What would Jesus drive?" , I know the answer, it would be a light "Marian" blue colored Ford club wagon. (we have one that we use for camping, and for work. ) It seats 14 passengers, which would be enough room for Jesus , Mary , and his twelve disciples. Lazarus can go on top , you could strap him down with the luggage, besides he was dead so who cares? No worries Jesus is a great driver! He helps me all of the time.

Believe it or not even though I have a ton of stuff , I hate stuff. I seriously want to live like a "Shaker". A shaker with some low tech view masters. B-)

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