Monday, January 26, 2009

Slumdog Millionaire - Don't go there.

It cost 10.00 to get emotionally bruised . We witnessed child abuse , and murder on the big screen. I had no idea what the movie was about before I showed up. My daughter invited me to go , but to say that I hated the movie would be an understatement. You see I can't stand to see how the real world lives. I can't fathom killing or abusing other people, or even using people to gain a personal advantage over others in some way. I left the movie after 20 minutes. If I saw child abuse in person I wouldn't tolerate it for even a minute from anyone - towards any child, why then should I sit there , and watch that. Although I know it's the real world . That's why I cried in the car for 10 minutes when I returned to it .

And while I am thinking about it. I just want to say , that when my time comes to die Lord, I wont miss this planet. I wont miss this worlds violence against children , and women.
Men killing other men. Abortions, and euthanasia. Humans and their sadistic hell bent ways with a lack of compassion , and generosity towards others. I wont miss this worlds filthy jokes, movies, magazines , and books. Lord , how much of our sins can you take before you've had enough? Is there a sin limit? And lastly Lord would you please send me a good joke ,and increase my humor.

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Lola said...

Thanks for the warning. I was planning on seeing it this weekend.