Saturday, February 7, 2009

Ana cracks me up.

Ana this was my 6Th grade teacher ;)

Your new friends seem lovely Ana.

Ana mailed a letter to her Dad, and addressed it.... Dad , and then put our address below it. I kept thinking about my teacher from 6Th grade who had a coronary when the letters that we were learning to write were not addressed properly. This letter would'a killed her.

Ana phoned us today , and said that she had fun last night , and that she went to a party and played "Bingo" with some Nuns , and Monks. She said that it's so sweet how the younger Monks took care of the older ones. A monk was in charge of Bingo, and some Nuns were dancing. I wish that I could have been there! I am so proud of Ana's choice of friends. She could have been at a very different kind of a party last night.
After all she is a college girl :0


jimmy mimmy said...

If the shoe fits, throw it...

Belinda said...

Hi Mr.Mimmy, nice to meet you.

Belinda said...

What do you do in California? How did you find my blog?
I am wondering if your my Kid's friend.