Monday, February 23, 2009

Dear Ana banana,

I am thinking about getting my hair done, and maybe I'll wax my upper lip too!
Oh , Ana you know that I am just kidding about that "lip wax"
you know we can't afford a "lip wax"!!
But as you can see my "una-brow" is gone , yea!
I bought some new eye glasses at the dollar store , and now I can see again.
Actually I bought a pile of 'em , because I am always misplacing them.
I have a "Paris Hilton pair, and a new fashionable
"Unabomber/Joaquin Phoenix" pair, but my favorite pair are the square "Sarah Palin" glasses because they go best with my "Camo's".
I do have insurance to cover complete eye care, that would also include a stylish new pair of glasses, but I hate going to the doctor with such a passion that I will do anything to avoid them.
Even if I have to buy discount glasses from a Kansas creeper at the mall,
and he was a creeper Ana !! - No hard facts just guessing though.
I hope that when I get my hair cut that the beautician
doesn't give me another mullet this time - please Lord.
Tis' the Lenten season, and you never know what kind of suffering God will send your way.
I better get this done before Wednesday. I love you Mom.


LeoRufus said...

Good to see your daughter has two big burly guys defending her purity from all predators and creeps.

Belinda said...

Actually this is a photograph taken of her and her friends at the march for life in D.C. last month ,and Ana was trying to defend babies.

BTW. ANASTASIA, stood up the Archbishop of Kansas City this week. Who does that?
Poor Ana she got the note to meet him ,and show him around the school , but the people who told her to do this failed to mention the day or time.

Someone is in t r o u b l e. You better hope that the people who passed out that scholarship for the person who shows a "Christ like example to others" doesn't find out. Oh, my !!
I am teasing you Ana , it was an honest mistake. Don't worry about it.

LeoRufus said...

Why not send those two big guys in the photo to have a 'word" with those who failed to inform her of the time of the appointment? I am sure they would remember next time. Just kidding.