Sunday, February 8, 2009

Dear God, What's it gonna be about tonight?

I have the worst dreams.
Last night I dreamt of human flesh eating Zombies.
I have never seen a Zombie movie, and I don't watch horror movies.
I have only seen a couple of horror movies in my entire life.
I limit my exposure to these kind of ideas.
I can't explain why my brain thinks about such awful stuff.
Do you think that when I pray in my sleep for people
or for situations that the prayers count for real? They sure feel real.
Though I have never met a Zombie.
I am a loyal Catholic , and I don't believe in superstitions,
omens or in most dreams (but , yes some)
but I do believe in praying for souls, and I pray for souls while I sleep.

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Melody K said...

I dreamed the other night that I was afraid to go to sleep because there was an anaconda on the bed. I was afraid it would react badly if I tried to make it leave. Husband was blissfully unaware.