Monday, February 16, 2009

Hey Choice people !!! Here's your opportunity to defend my choice ,and I choose to not cooperate.

I want my privacy.
We are mostly naked , but for some reason many people are not bothered by this.
I give up much of my privacy when I blog , but that's my choice ,
and I do have a reason for why I do it - several actually.
Even so , I still don't want my right to privacy to be taken away from me.
Agency's , and their employees don't need to know
what I purchase , where I go , or what I eat or drink.
The kind of shape that I am in is my business unless I choose to share that information.
This isn't your right to know.
What happens if I choose to "opt"out of your system ?
How will you make me suffer?
That bag of M&M's that I bought are not any of my medical insurance's business.
Even if I wanted to buy cigarettes, and alcohol , you just don't need to know.
Your library card can also tell a lot about you,
and you can't get a fake card either - I already looked into that.
You can't obtain a library card without a birth certificate, or a drivers license.
You can't get a drivers license without a birth certificate.
No one needs to know if I take any medications or how I spend my money, allthough my banking statements would make everything about me quite clear.
I am not too happy that my letter carrier knows so much about us,
by the mail that she delivers, and she loves to gossip.
Would you want for your pro- choice neighbor to know that your pro- life?
Mind you , I don't do anything that I am ashamed of , but I want to control what knowledge about me is given, and known - it is afterall mine. This is an issue of lost control.
Just think about the amounts of information gleamed about me from my shopping trip to Walmart . Your tracked three ways when you buy groceries, once through your discount cards, and then through your type of payment - unless it's cash, and lastly through your grocery receipt , and that receipt is traceable back to you.
What would Hitler have done with such a plethora of information at his finger tips?
I am glad that everyone that holds any information about me ..... likes me,
or at least doesn't hate me yet.


LeoRufus said...

Ugh, you mean by Albertson's customer savings card really is used to track my purchases? I thought they were just giving me breaks for shopping at their store. They are really Kroger's now anyway.


Belinda said...

Of course they track what you are buying.

I wont say how I work around this matter. I am non- compliant.

And you know the worst thing that I buy is Ice cream with Hershey's chocolate crackle sauce ,and red meat.
If I were to buy cigarettes, couldn't my insurance company find out ,and raise my rates?

LeoRufus said...

if you have high cholesterol the day is coming when you could be penalized for the red meat. better start liking salmon and trout Belinda.