Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sometimes I miss my Charismatic Catholic friends.

I loved them,and I still do, but I never saw them in the confession line.... ever, and I go to confession a lot, because I suck. I mean - I sin. Now that I think about it I never see them doing grunt work at Catholic Charities either. Religion for me is much more than a good feeling. I think that you have to get your hands dirty, and sometimes it doesn't feel so great. I like this song though.


Melody K said...

Just a few observations about Charismatic Catholics (I'm not one). The ones I know would get good grades for helping others; but they tend to do it one-on-one rather than as part of an organized effort. They also tend to have as spiritual directors and confessors priests who are like-minded (which could be a mixed blessing). Which is maybe why we don't see them in line so often at the parish for confessions.

Belinda said...

Oh, yes your right I forgot about that, and they were so kind to me for many years.

LeoRufus said...
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Belinda said...

Leo ,Some bloggers write as if Christ thinks very little of us. It is quite distressing.

At least the "Jesus fishing buddy" idea doesn't make me feel soooo bad. Although it lacks discipline, and holiness , because we know that holiness is achieved through discipline. (Isn't it?)
Even though I am repentant will Christ simply toss me aside because I wasn't ever good enough? How could I ever be?
I seem to still be dooooomed to hell according to some bloggers.
Didn't his cross ,and resurrection mean something ? Was it Christ's plan to die on the cross , but only to watch us fail later on , and earn hell anyway?- which is what I seem to be doing.

Before I use to blog I was pretty sure that I was going to heaven, because I love Jesus, but now I mostly feel despair, and that my chances are pretty good that I will probably go to Hell.
I think that it's awful how some people can suck all of the joy outta religion, and when the joy is gone love is soon to follow. I can't love a tyrant, or someone that says's that I am not good enough for them - even though it's true.
Could you imagine a relationship with a spouse that said "your not good enough for me?"

Here's the million dollar question. How good is good enough to acquire heaven, and how bad is bad enough to send you to hell?

If I can only enter into heaven because of the merits won through Christ, then he will have to take me as I am warts ,and all -so to speak. I will never ever be sinless enough or good enough ,and I understand that even with my confessions and daily prayers that there are some sins of mine that I will never conquer.
We both know that my daily mortification's are triviel, no real blood ya know. Only simple daily trials.

I really am sitting on the fence wondering which way to fall. The Latin Mass people , or the charasmatic people, both are painful in their own special way.

I think about my husband who has had a very bad last three days, and I prayed while I watched Christ pull him out of a "funk". It culminated with my husband going to confession, and I could see that the sacrament of confession changes all of the rules. When you encounter Christ real things happen to a soul. Though my husband had screwed up as we all do. How could Christ not find him irresistable , and claim him in the end as his own. Even if he fails again. I think that repentance, and forgiveness is the secret to salvation. Accepting it for ourselves, and extending it to others.

What say you Leo?
What up Leo? (just like lil'Wayne)
You can still become rich ,and yet suck at grammer.

Belinda said...

and spelling.

ignorant redneck said...

I remember the Charismatic movement from the 70s. It was HUGE. Now I look at the Charismatic prayer group that I know, and it's small.

most of the people I knew who were into it in the 70s have either just sort of fizzled out or and this is a larger portion, left the church for either protestant charismatic churches, or because they "felt" that what they were doing was OK and they didn't need a church.

Melody K said...

Belinda, I agree with you that it's depressing the way some people suck all the joy out of religion.

LeoRufus said...
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LeoRufus said...

I am sorry I took down my comments. I thought I was causing you to think you were going to Hell or not Catholic enough. I have had a rough week - and it is only Wednesday. Some days I think I am to blame for everything.

LeoRufus said...

I need some ice cream with crackle sauce.

Belinda said...

The cause of my despair was from a different blog. Where we were again reminded that Jesus said few will enter into heaven. I wonder if Jesus meant me too? That blogger's depressive nature is like a spiritual cootie. I caught it ,and then I felt sick. That scripture causes me such distress, and I know it's true.
Have you checked out our new friend the "ignorant redneck"
he cracks me up, and he ,and I often have the same kinda thoughts. I like that militant feel to his blog. You know that "take no prisoners" kinda stuff.

Adamgv said...

Check out this new Catholic band that just released their first album.

From what I heard on the samples site, they sound really good.

Introducing the new Christian National Anthem: Guns & Jesus.