Tuesday, February 17, 2009

St. Francis of Assisi might not approve.

Here I am with Buster on top of a slide. We were playing with Joseph, while
our other children ran away from us to play on the bigger toys.
Joseph is slow enough that he's stuck playing with his parents.
Besides he still likes us - unlike our teens.
Buster is growling . Artificially of course. We love Buster, but we love the cats more.
With my sweetest softest voice, I always like to say mean things to our dog.
Things like.....
Buster buddy , your not very special.
You have no real friends,
and you stink- like a waste treatment plant.
No one really loves you,
and your lazy.
Besides you have no real employment opportunities,
you couldn't even find a body in the rubble like those other dogs do,
and you have no redeeming qualities either.
Your life means so little,
and we're gonna get a much cuter, and smarter dog next time.
One that plays fetch too because you play fetch like a girl dog..
(Sadly our pets are treated better than how many humans treat each other)
Then the children , and I giggle, and we hug Buster.
Buster plays along , and he too enjoys my sick twisted game of love ,
but we never say these things to people -ever.

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