Wednesday, February 11, 2009

When good food goes bad.

Good old fashioned wholesome whole grain waffles just like Grandma would have made.
With fresh country butter, and warm maple syrup.
Served with a good dose of love.
Maybe Grandma would have told you that your special too !

Waffles gone bad......
Chocolate dipped strawberries, and bananas , with whipped cream and chocolate drizzle.
Maybe gluttony begins ( or escalates) when food turns to Porn.
When you eat at this food bar nobody cares if you eat yourself into a diabetic coma.
Just like a "Crack head".
I am interested in the one in the back that looks like a dip of Ice cream with crackle sauce on top.
Fun time ends for Belinda on
February 25 Th , 12:01 AM .
That's when I have to get serious about this stuff.
( like I should have been all along)
Both of my parents are diabetics.
I wanna slap myself.


Adrienne said...

Ummmm - my mouth is watering. Is that a sign of insanity??

Belinda said...

No , not at all.

I am going to do the low carb diet. I will start planning now so I don't fail.

Adrienne what do you think is the worst love song ever recorded ?

Vincenzo said...

"I am going to do the low carb diet."

I've done that for a long time.. but then I got so nice and skinny that I gradually started reintroducing more into my diet.

Belinda said...

I don't want to get skinny. I want to be in "the healthy fitness zone. I want to be thin enough to lower my blood pressure, but yet fat enough to have a donut sometimes with out freaking out.
I have little people watching me so I can't act crazy about this.

Melody K said...

"Waffle Porn!"
I signed up for the Wellness Challenge at work. We're supposed to exercise 30 minutes a day. Except I haven't been because my foot hurts. So no points. I guess I do get points for 5 fruits and veggies a day, though.