Sunday, March 8, 2009

I went to a tattoo party yesterday , and I had a wonderful time - as usual .

Actually it was a baby shower , and my friends- who I dearly love like family were showing off their tattoos.
Ironically the two sailor boys that were there didn't have tattoos , only their wives.
All I could say was .....oh, my!! ( and do you have any ice cream to go with this cake ?)

My children's Godmother ( I threw that in for some "Catholic guilt") had her tattoo placed in a spot where our Priest couldn't see it whilst she was genuflecting or bowing for Communion.
I asked her daughter Amanda , "honey do you have any tattoos ?" She said ,"no" , and I said, " oh, what a good girl you are" (she's nearly 30), and I hugged her, but then she said , "I am going to get one though." Ugggghhhh.
I will bring the "naughty mat" for our next party.

When I came home I asked Paul, "where I should put "MY" tattoo", and he said - "no where private." Aww, shucks that's the only place where I would want one!
You know this is funny in about 4 different ways.

Paul said , "Belinda you live such a sheltered life, and you know nothing about the real world."
Yes this is true ,and I could never thank Paul enough , and thanks be to God.

Just know this dear readers - the day that I come home with a tattoo is the day that the world is ending , and you might consider running to confession, and the day that my children come home with a tattoo is the day that their world ends.
Tattoos are like a "Hallmark" card - when you care enough to "ink" only the very best, or - hey ,nobody got that "Pope" tattoo.
(Gosh I will cry if my friends don't invite me back.)


LeoRufus said...

"Paul said , "Belinda you live such a sheltered life, and you know nothing about the real world."
Yes this is true ,and I could never thank Paul enough , and thanks be to God."

You are one blessed woman to have such a husband- this is a real protector after the manner of St. Joseph! You must thank God every day to have this man as a husband. There are very few such men in the world today, you really got a grace when you got this one. I pray for the continued sanctification of your blessed marriage.

Belinda said...

He is pretty wonderful, and if any of my dear readers likes me - even a little ,
then they would just love Paul, because everyone that knows us both -likes him more.(My parents even like him more. I am serious) He's kinder, and more polite, and the nicest person that I had ever met until we had Grace.
He's a saint - for real. He's our fearless leader , and I pray for , and laugh at him every day.

We are perfect for each other because I can do the things that he can't , and vise versa , and I think in a more peculiar way than he does. I tend to think outside of the box so when we are in a jam of sorts , I often come up with some weird way to get us out of a mess. I excel at creativity.

Example.. I had him install the whole house attic fan blade backwards so that it would draw air in the manner that we wanted it to. He said it can't be done , I said " yes it can !" I thought it, and he did it. This is a constant theme around here.

Also he makes me breakfast almost every morning, anything that I want too! How great is that?

Adrienne said...

Breakfast of choice every morning?? I'm moving in...

Tatoos are just a manifestation of our "cult of the body" culture - and I use the word culture very, very loosely.

I try to imagine those tatoos on really old bodies. Not a pretty picture

Belinda said...

I'll be glad when Lent is over so we can have Adrienne back.
Did you see how beautiful the St. Michael tattoo was ?
This artist is amazing.