Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I'm 1/2 Irish , and 1/2 German. Also 1/8 Cheyenne, 2/8 Prussian, 3/16 English, and I have some Nordic temper thrown in for spice. Check my math.

I don't "river dance,(Irish) and I don't invade , or try to take over my neighbors property (German).
To my Great Grandma Lassie from only God knows where, and my Great Grandma Ella from Limerick. I will pray for you both today.
My mothers sister looks just like our Great grandmother Ella. We thought that the antique photo was of my aunt , but nooo it was of our Great Grandmother. Genetics are FREAKY, FRE-KAAAY I tell you!
I also have Protestants, and Catholics in my background, and family that fought for the North, and the south. Weird thing is that these opposites married.
Bensons make life harder than it has to be - not sure why.


Adrienne said...

You do math like me...

Belinda said...

Math make my palms sweaty , and then I feel kinda nauseous.
When I think of math I think that God needed a fun brain teaser game so he created math !

I excel at wheeling , and dealing math ; you know E-bay math. ;)