Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The school that the "force" built. (George Lucas aka Uncle George)

Our Daughter Elizabeth (far left - red head) at the opening of their new animation studio , with fellow students , and teacher ; Leonard Malton.


Vincenzo said...


Belinda said...

Elizabeth said I couldn't come because I didn't have a pass. :(

I'da dropped dead from all the anxiety anyway - let's be honest.
And those L.A. airport body scans would make me cry.

George was a "no show".

Vincenzo said...

That's the only time I've been in L.A. - passing through the airport.

Adrienne said...

Elizabeth looks glorious - as usual!

Belinda said...

We miss her so much. We laugh less since she's been gone, but now when she tells us stories we laugh at famous people , and wannabe's , and not just at each other anymore.