Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Monkey Cuddles- From The Ashton Drake Gallery

Why ?

Maybe our Ana Banana would like one of these monkeys for next Christmas ?


Vincenzo said...

My friend's birthday was a few days ago and I offered to get her a slingshot flying monkey with scream sound, but she said, "don't you dare!"
I don't get it - I love mine.

Belinda said...

Do you think that some people should actually be parted with some their money for irresponsible spending ,and reasons of insanity?

Just wondering out loud. I'm only a little serious.
I wonder what this economy is doing to the illegal drug industry, prostitution, and gambling etc.. That sort of thing.

Flying monkeys scare me, little secret- I am scared of all monkeys - in person.

LeoRufus said...

I know that prostitution in Nevada - which BTW along with gambling is legal - is taking a hit from the recession. I read about that in the papers - I have no actual first hand knowledge.

Belinda said...

Leo, I assumed that you didn't have first hand knowledge. hehe

Even saintly wives have strong right hooks. Ker- pow !!
She looks really healthy, and strong !

(I am totally teasing you.)