Saturday, March 21, 2009

Thanks a lot Paul. I am dying here. Can a person seize up with anxiety. Can anxiety actually kill a person ?

Here's what happened ; Paul, our six kids, and I were riding in "Christine"- my wicked mini van from Kansas city to Branson Missouri for 5 ish hours. Oh you can just bet that Paul, and I worked off some purgatory time last week. Anyway we stopped at the Walmart mall, and that's where Elvis was performing !! I know , but it's BRANSON !!
Rosie (10) said , "Mom I thought you said that he was dead ?" I said, " I was mistaken."
(That should have cleared up any confusion that she might have had.)

My husband INSISTED that I have my photo taken with this talented Elvis impersonator Mr. Reggie Randolph. His wife was very sweet , and she looked like Nancy Sinatra.

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