Sunday, March 22, 2009

I wanted to stay home , and clean the house for spring break, but no one else wanted to do that.

Paul wanted to see the "Titanic" attraction in Branson Missouri , but it was
$18.82 per adult ,and $9.99 per child,
and I said , "Paul the actual people , and things are on the bottom of the ocean , so what could they possibly have to see ?
It might be different if one of the actual people were there speaking.
(They're over on youtube)

Next we considered seeing "The acrobats of China" , but the admissions woman said that the tickets would cost $187.00 for all of us, and I said to Paul for $187.00 I could actually go to China. (I 'm a very frugal woman.)

So we settled for putt- putt golf , and some air hockey, then we all watched cable TV till 10:00 which drives Paul crazy. He hates TV, but it was CABLE TV !!
(We don't have cable TV in Kansas, at least not at our house.)

The next day we went to Silver dollar city , and we missed another acrobat of China group, and Ana said , "well they were the "Off Brand acrobats anyway", I said, "Ana they were real acrobats of China too." It's not like they were a group of Mexican tumblers pretending to be Chinese.

Branson - It's a place here you can be missing your entire top row of teeth , and still find gainful employment in the entertainment industry.Peek if you must.

Branson - A place where you can meet Elvis at the Walmart mall ,or maybe Neil Diamond!
They also have too many tattoo parlors to choose from, and you can also have your palms read.
You could see those nice Osmond boys (grandpa's now), or Andy Williams , but if you have a hanker'in to see Mr. Williams - you had better hurry. ( he's about 110 years old)
Branson has at least 5 museums, and about a zillion restaurants.
Lastly the Yakov theater is across from circuit city , and Kohls..... only in Branson.

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