Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I had this dream.

It was about a Nun , and she was very sinful. Evil really. She taught art classes. (Pottery) The thing that people don't realize is that what you do in secret really isn't secret at all. Oh sure it seems like it is at the time, but God sends visions to people. God sends souls to pray against your evil deeds, and to pray for the conversion of your souls, and for the souls of those who you harm. One body , one Christ. All things are known to God. Nothing is hidden. So next time that you consider hurting a child (or an older teen) - even a child (teen) that consents, or anyone really - know that you are being watched. God saw everything....Everything.

*disclaimer, I am a sinful dork, and have not been church approved. In fact my approval rating is so low that I can't even get approval from my own family :)

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belinda said...

To my e-mail blogger buddy - Give this Nun my blog address. I want to talk to her very badly. Give her my phone number too.