Saturday, May 2, 2009

Dear God , Thank you.

I bought this vacuum cleaner at a yard sale today for $8.00. The lady that sold it to me said that she received two of them as wedding gifts. It was sterile looking when I bought it , but my son managed to make it dirty looking in no time. Imagine my delight to learn that Joseph loves to vacuum . He vacuumed the entire downstairs, and now he is vacuuming the garage. He wants to vacuum the driveway , and because it only cost me $8.00 I think that I might let him. When he was finished he found a safe place to put it away in the garage, and I 'm considering using a sharpie to write his name on it.
If I would have known how much pleasure vacuuming would have brought to the boy I would have bought him one for Christmas, as a two- fer, because I enjoy watching him vacuum. He told me that he's going to vacuum our downstairs again first thing tomorrow morning , but it's Sunday. I guess if your working for pleasure then it's not a sin right? As a bonus - when the vacuum is turned on you can't hear the other children arguing.

( You may be wondering why I didn't have a vacuum in the first place, it's because I liked to clean everything by hand -even the floors . )


LeoRufus said...

You have nice hardwood floors - those are best cleaned with broom, etc. I am having all the cartep taken out of my house and replaced with porcelain tile - nice and clean - except for the grout between the tiles, then it might require a toothbrush - ugh, OCD can be crippling.

LeoRufus said...

um, carpet

Belinda said...

My kitchen hardwood floors need to be refinished. I spoke with my priest ,and said that the next time that Paul confesses consider giving him that for a penance. Father said I CANT TALK ABOUT THAT, and that's not very nice of you.

Paul ,and I built our home, it's odd conservative- like me.
I only use Pauls toothbrush for grout, and lastly I need OCD because without it I would lose my edge, and desire to do anymore of this work.

Joseph is now vacuumning the car. Clearly I need a backup vacuumn cleaner.

Enbrethiliel said...


Is that a Dyson, by any chance?

Belinda said...

No , and I don't think that it has very good suction. Paul has decided to buy me a real nice vacuum, but he doesn't know it yet. Paul says's that my knees look terrible, and he doesn't want me cleaning on the floor anymore. He doesn't want me to be hurt. So I saw him thinking about vacuums ,and talking about Josephs model. I will have to search the net to see what kind to buy, and make sure that it's Josephs size. hehe