Friday, May 1, 2009

We saw Jesus today , he was the "Sample guy" at Sam's club.

(Pictured, Left to right- Ana, Mary Kay, and myself )

We went to Sam's club after school today which is always a good plan on
Friday's because it's "sample day".
I brought our children hungry , and they were ready to graze.
We hit all of the booths , and had drinks, appetizers, and bits of different meals , but no fruits or veggies unless you count the spinach artichoke pasta , and the Welches grape juice.
Actually I do count that.
Next we ran into one of my favorite people in the world ; Mary Kay Culp.
She's the director of Kansans for life.
I hugged her , and she said that I was her biggest fan.
(It's true, but not in a stalker , creeper kinda way-
well, maybe a little , but she's a wonderful person, and I do love her.)
I introduced Mary Kay to my children her future volunteers,
and they were thrilled that I was volunteering them for work.

Then a sample lady walked by me , and said to her sample guy friend , "nobody loves me" ,
and so I put my arm around her , and said , "well , Jesus does ".
(you didn't think that I would really let that go , now did you?)
Her friend laughed , and said yes he does.
Then he looked at us , and said, "I want to sing a song to you do you mind?"
Of course we didn't mind in fact we we were delighted.
So in the middle of Sam's we sang a J- E- S- U- S song even though Joseph , and the sample lady were too embarrassed to sing along.
The song was about Jesus putting food on our tables.
It was so much fun.
It isn't easy being my kid.
Nor is it easy being my atheist sample lady.
When you go to Sam's be sure to avoid the pretzel chips, and the cocoa almond samples.
Kate begged me to let her try the glucosamine samples for joint relieve.
She's also been begging me for a "Ped-egg".
She loves elder aid products. She's 15,

but just like the pencil shavings that are left on the garage floor for me to clean up, I know that I would have to clean up the Ped - egg shavings so your not getting one.


Terry Nelson said...

Nice photo - I'm always amazed how normal you look. ;)

belinda said...

Because you can't see it I will tell you that in this photo I'm wearing a long denim skirt, knee socks , and Jesus sandals , and I was out of razors. :(
Paul would flip out if I didn't blend in with everyone else. The poor man is on the edge.
I'm amazed that you or anybody else for that matter reads the drivel crap that I write, maybe they just stop over to look at the pictures.