Monday, May 11, 2009

Faulty advertising. I must be having another brain glitch.

When the crackle hits the fan I put the spoon down.
When it seems like everything is falling apart that's when I'm at my best.
I have a fighting nature, and I'm a very determined person.
I do believe that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me,
and it is Christ alone who meets our needs.
I've witnesses Christ's divine hand so many times in my life,
and in creative ways to believe otherwise. I know he waits to save his people.
Even though I am , have been , and will always be a fool, and a sinner.
I am hopeful that I will win at this game of life , but that doesn't satisfy me.
I'm taking people with me - kicking ,and screaming if necessary,
even though that brings trouble for me.


If one more "thing" around here breaks down I'm gonna go "religious freakaay" on it.
Full court press with the Holy water, holy oil, and blessed salt -
that includes people, and animals too.
Don't mess with me world . I'm in a bad mood.
I've been mud wrestling with fools.

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