Saturday, May 30, 2009

I ain't yer Granny mister.

My blog administrator , and I traveled to the
Ozarks for a few days. We went to the Silver Dollar City 1880's theme park. My son ,and I rode the American Plunge, and we were completely soaked. A man that had been watching us said to a child standing next to him while directing his remark towards me, Hey , "look at how wet that Granny got", followed by a hearty hahahahaha! I was the only one around , and I thought geese I hate it when I get into those public brawls. It's not very lady like. Then I thought well okay... maybe I am old enough to be Vincenzo's Granny , but CERTAINLY not Mr.Nelsons Granny. Heck, I read Mr.Nelsons posts and you know why he knows so much about our beloved saints don't you ? It's because he knew many of them personally -first hand, and on a first name basis. Oh, the terrific stories he likes to tell us........

The photos above are from The college of the Ozarks. The students that attend are really great kids. They have to work hard physically ,and academically. Their campus museum is really wonderful , and they like to refer to it as the "Smithsonian of the Ozarks" I hope to return to that museum someday, and watch their flour mill when it's operating .
The car pictured above is the original "Beverly Hillbillies" car, and I can't believe that that piece of crap worked....ever. ( I said the exact same thing once when I was at NASA) I asked the museum managers if Clampett DNA was still on that car, and they said ,"yeah, sure".

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