Saturday, May 30, 2009

Our son likes to swing like a monkey , and he also likes suckers ;)

Father Klingele looks like he's about to hit the pavement.
Do you know how you can tell if a Priest is really wonderful ?
The children love him, and they certainly do love Father Klingele.
Father tried to convince my son that if he became a Priest
he would get to extinguish fire with holy water.
My kids enjoyed the star wars conversations that they had with Father,
and they thought his "dead on" light saber imitations were amusing.
Father asked me not to put up a goofy video to go along with these pictures.
So I won't, but it's pretty hard to resist.
Especially after the embarrassment I had to endure over my blog and for one of my posts.
My social anxiety was killing me. I need some meds, and I am serious about that.
Isn't it funny Father that children like to wear watches when they can't even tell time,
much less identify numbers?

*Our good Priest does not in any way endorse my silly blog nor does he give out suckers for Mass , and he doesn't like the fact that people that I don't know can read my blog.

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