Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Note to scale.

I H - A - T- E YOU !!!
I hate you with the kind of hate that is pure.
I don't ever want to see you again.
You're a lying piece of crap.
You're not my first scale you know. They're have been others before you.
If you ever want to be friends with me again you will have to lower yourself to my standards. Scoffing at me about the ice cream ,and crackle sauce just makes me angrier.
If this continues I am going to put you behind Christine's (my car) back tire,
and watch through my rear view mirror as
I.................. s- l- o- w -l -y run over you - for pleasure.
Back ,and forth , and back , and forth until my pain is gone , and I feel better , and then I will watch as Joseph vacuums up your pieces, and parts,
because I HATE YOU.

I hate the "Chub O' Meat " diet too.

*Dear Jesus please save me from myself. I mustn't die fat because if I go to hell I will have to lug all of that extra weight around for an eternity, and if I get to go to heaven I will be mortified beyond belief to have to face people who died of starvation.


Vincenzo said...
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Vincenzo said...

Everyone, go vote for Belinda here:

Category 1
Category 2
Category 3

Belinda said...

Thank you Vincenzo, you're a very nice person.

I voted with Rose while she giggled the wole time because even a 10 year old knows it's just wrong to vote for yourself, and she's the only family member that did.
I will make her some cookies.

I may vote again if Buster will hold still long enough to let me show him how to move the mouse, and click. He's very slow , and he refuses to concentrate.

LeoRufus said...

I don't approve of the use of the bad word for excrement under category one, but some people consider me a prude I guess. I voted for you anyway.

Belinda said...

I agree with Leo. I gave it up for Lent.
Thanks for the vote.

Vincenzo the photo shop ninja master could tweek that award clean for us.