Wednesday, May 6, 2009

There are some Catholic customs that I just don't understand.

Did you hear the one about the man who was arrested for his participation in the "St.Grotus Day" festival? St. Grotus is the patron Saint of Dance , and of women who have two car wrecks in one day, (Ana)
but because most women don't have two car wrecks in one day you haven't heard much about him. In this television clip St. Grotus is pictured prominently behind the dancing women on the wall in the background. The Asian songbirds depicted on the flag are the symbols of peace, and love - symbols of St.Grotus.

*Disclaimer- I hope that St.Francis has a sense of humor - you know with the birds, and all.
I am teasing at all three of my readers who are now going to "google" St. Grotus.


DionysiosD said...

The video is funny, unfortunately I do not understand, is this from a TV show? I don't watch TV except only rarely.

belinda said...

This clip is from the television show "Malcolm in the Middle".
It was a show about the life of a family of 4 boys, and one of the boys was a genius, but the other 3 were always into trouble. It was a decent show, and one of the funniest shows ever. It can be seen in reruns now. That's where I saw it first. Their Grandma Ida is played by Cloris Leachman ,and she plays the worst grandma on the face of the earth, and she is so shocking that you can't stop laughing.
I always liked that the parents most often got along with each other, and treated each other well.

Terry Nelson said...

Are you okay? I heard there were tornadoes down your way. God bless!