Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Can I hold this for a sec ? CAN I HOLD THIS FOR A SEC ?

Today I took our child who was running a fever to the Doctor. I had forgotten my pen to check in with , but I thought to myself , "well , that's okay". I can make due with the office pen after all I didn't plan on putting it into my mouth afterwards nor my fingers. Then I remembered that I needed to phone home to make sure that my little angels were indeed being little angels . Imagine my horror when I realized that I had forgotten to bring my cell phone , and I was forced to use the public waiting room phone. I tried not to let my mind wonder about the poor soul who was probably hacking up a lung from the ill effects of TB and had used this particular phone just before I had. So now I'm doing a mental cootie check. I've got issues from my face down to my hand. I say to myself, "it's no matter about these things. I just want my sick child to feel better."

We were escorted to an examining room. Where the Dr. said that our daughter would be fine , and of course now that we were at the Doctors office the fever was gone. This is a magical side of the medical profession. You take a sick child, to the Doctor, and nine times outta ten they heal up in the waiting room, and they seem to be confused as to why you were mean enough to drag them there in the first place.

My poor child had to give blood as a final check to rule out any bigger, or badder (I know) issues. So the kid turns green ,and begins to throw up, and I begin to panic, (internally - it's always internal) and I say to the nurse, "do you have anything that she can throw up in?" and the woman hands me the trash , and says's , "can you hold this", and of course I began to stammer, and stutter, as my child begins to spew, but I keep saying "," but as I see my child reaching out for the trash I grab it instead. I wouldn't dare let my child touch the thing.

Okay , so it was the trash can that was under the sink , and not the other one with all of the terrible warnings , bells, and whistles , but that didn't make me feel better. No , none what so ever. I could plainly see that it was still full of cooties - inside , and out . When the blood sample was returned to the lab another patient handed a urine sample over my left shoulder to the lab lady while I was standing in the door way. I kept thinking....

God is killing me.... s l o w l y.....

I really wanted nurse Dixie Mc Call to come in and set things straight. My child is fine, and so am I........... well I do have a headache. I probably picked up something from that phone..... Oh, never mind.....

Remember when Nurse Dixie was there for you , and she always set things straight.

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