Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Dear Lord..... Um, Jack Lord.. It's good to see that the people of Hawaii are getting back to normal. Thanks !!

In this film clip Jack Lord successfully reasons with Kim Jong -ill, but who knew that all the little troll wanted was some alone time in Hawaii for some rest, and relaxation. Couldn't you have just asked us nicely like normal people do. Some people sure come to blows rather quickly. We know it's tough being a evil dictator what with no respect except from the twins Ying, and Yang, and all, but your making everyone edgy.

It's a good thing that I can translate Korean to Hawaiian for my blogger friends. I'm here for you people.


Fr. Scott Brossart, SOLT said...

Hey Belinda.... it has been too long. We are busy at our mission with summer youth camp and our new volunteers coming in for both the camp and the new year. Camp is going awesome. You ever remain in my heart and prayers. Padre

belinda said...

Thank you Padre, I appreciate your prayers so very much. I have been thinking about some of our talks, and praying about what we had spoke about.

I am glad to hear that you are well, and that you sound happy ,and content. I hope to read more of your posts.