Monday, June 15, 2009

High school cemetery. With much of the same cast of characters as the original High School Musical , but not so lively.

I went with my guidance counselor (He's also my blog administrator) to a cemetery behind my old high school. He took me to look around ,and to pray as I often do in other cemeteries , but we had not prayed at this one before. Although I was there once before back in 1983 when my 21 year old girl friend Cindy was buried on her birthday -there had been a motorcycle accident. She left behind a young husband and a baby boy.
I was looking for Cindy's Mother -Paige who died a year or so before her, and to my astonishment I began to recognize other people that I had known during my teen years. It really began to tug at my heart. It wasn't for fun ,and prayers anymore as it had been before. This time it was personal ,and painful, and I was too upset to pray for anybody. I found a baby that had been born at the same time that I had been, and I wondered why God would choose for me to live ,and not that baby. I was sad to find my old neighbors buried here ,and there, and near the grocery store lady, and the farmers that I had known, and also the old creeper who use to hang around us girls while we were playing softball at the park. I just wanted to cry.
It's not that I mind dying because I don't. I just can't stand it when other people die.
So my guidance counselor asked me what I would like to have engraved upon my head stone, but what I said didn't set right with him. He never likes my "odd" answers.
Hum, I wondered if it should be about me, or about God, or maybe just about what my administrator wants..... I was thinking about this one .. "Do the right thing even when no one else is looking", or maybe "Most Sacred Heart of Jesus have mercy on me .. a sinner." or simply -Dear God , thank you.

This I am positive about. I want a blessed St.Benedict medal tossed inside along with a rosary, and a view master view finder with the reel of either Austria, or Lake Louise Canada inside of the viewer because when my judgement is over, and IF I make it to heaven I will ask to sit upon Gods lap, and view these reels ,and I will ask him if he made anything that can top that.
(Yeah, my guidance counselor had a problem with idea that too.)

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