Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Date night Obama style.

I found video footage of the Obama's date the other night. The body guard on their right sure can dance.
Don't you just hate those dates when you have to bring along a chaperone ?

Isn't the White house the perfect date night destination anyway? You have a chef, a launderer, a housekeeper, a valet, a dog trainer, a baby sitter, and advisers out the wazoo. You have your own private theater, bowling alley, swimming pool, running track, game room, and putting green. I remember that in Lincolns home in Springfield Ill. he had a lovely set of Stereo cards, and a viewer. I'll bet that you could find a set of those lying around in some closet somewhere, and those would be entertaining.(for me !) Can't you find something to do in the White house that's say "cheap" to do? Heck you could even do a little ghost hunting in Lincoln's bedroom, or in the old laundry room for that matter. There are great books in the library, paintings, and what not to explore, or you could just do what many Americans do - grab a frozen dinner, and pop in a new movie release in your DVD player , and maybe later s-e-x. That's what normal people do.
If you really got bored you could phone Oprah. She would send over anything that you could ever possibly want.
Shouldn't you - at least for appearance sake look as though your making sacrifices along with the rest of the nation that you serve. People dislike watching our leaders make extravagant expenditures especially when your life is way above the national average anyway. You don't want restless unhappy natives now do you?
The White House is the ultimate date night every night for 1,460 days, or worse yet for 2,920 days.
Your gonna have to appear to be satisfied with what you've got.
Say, have you got any cake?

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