Friday, June 12, 2009

My migraine is over ,and I'm begining to feel like my old self again. Thanks be to God.

I will try harder to entertain our troops... God bless them all !!
How bad is my luck ? I have 3 blog readers, and two of them are the government.
I wonder if they are good Catholics?
The other IP address on my site reader is from Picatinny.
I have pretty much made up my mind that I am going to go door to door to invite
people to go to Mass, and to spread the gospel , and Love,
and healing power of Jesus Christ while there still isn't a law against it.
My blog administrator isn't on board with that idea yet.
He said that it's too weird, but the Holy Spirit will work on him.
I'll keep you posted !!
Maybe I could sell Avon at the same time , and kill two birds with one stone.
*This oh so flattering photo of me is from Vincenzo, our photo shop ninja master.


armouris said...

info on migraine here - Migraine - Half the Head

Adrienne said...

We must have been suffering at the same time. Is there a message here???????

belinda said...

Armouris, Thank you. This information is true. My headaches are behind my eye on the right side of my head , and they last 3 to four days.
My cure is to take aome Alieve ,and crawl into bed, but I take a Tylenol 3 with codeine if I have entered into the crying stage. This is the stage that I like to avoid, When I have entered into that zone I am thinking hard about my own death, and the kind of life that I have lived.
When I wake up 3 days later I don't even recognize the place because my children have been partying so to speak, and then I'm angry. Really angry, and no one can figure out why.