Friday, July 3, 2009

Dear God,

Remember two weeks ago after I had gone to confession and as Mass was just beginning the choir was singing the song with the lyrics that said "send me?" I remember saying to you oh, oh, send me, send me! But now I'm thinking that you misunderstood me. When I prayed "send me" what I really meant was send me to Macy's when they have their 75% off sale where I could say something like "God is so Good" and "thanks be to God for these new clothes" and the sales lady and I would bond in agreement. Or maybe you could send me to the makeup counter at Estee Lauder and I would comment about all of the cool colors that are probably be in heaven and because I would be the customer she (or he, hahahaha) would have to listen. There are places to be sent that can be fun entertaining and safe you know.

I didn't expect for you to send me to KCK (Kansas City Kansas - inner city) where there were often police sirens and car alarms going off. Do you know how many strangers are in that city? Did you hear those gun shots going off? Okay so maybe they were fire crackers , but it didn't make me feel better. I was still twitchy. I did feel better when I heard the music from the ice cream truck until I realized that he's probably a crack/drug dealer using the ice cream ruse as a cover. I wonder if he had any botox?

Dear God , okay so here's what I'm saying if I'm singing the song "fly me to the moon" I don't actually wanna go to the moon. It's a figure of speech and I get caught up in the moment :)

My music director is gonna love this song. Geese I hope he doesn't make me sing this song too. I'm a terrible singer. Oh well, love is deaf too.


Anonymous said...

You havent sung the first song yet! So yes, now you have two songs you can sing to me. But, I dont want to wait until Im on my death bed to hear them! Paul

Anonymous said...

And, there is a better version of this song out there.

belinda said...

I'm still working on it. Practice makes perfect. ;)

Franks version sounds awful, but he oozes "cool".

You gotta figure out how to sign in as a guy. hahahaha
Maybe you could work on that !

FYI - Diana berry is my blog administrator. hahahahahaha

Vincenzo said...

Here's a good one: