Thursday, July 2, 2009

My friend Glenn, and the paint run with my new discovery - it's called GPS.

While I was working in Kansas City today I ran out of painting supplies and I needed to find the nearest paint store. It turns out that my new cell phone you know the one that I said indignantly that I didn't need, didn't want, and I thought was a frivolous waste of money? You know the same cell phone that my cell phone provider bought for me out of the goodness of his heart and as usual - I complained . Well I was wrong.

Our daughter asked my shiny red phone "where is the nearest paint store" and my phone with the crazy fake woman's voice that we like to affectionately refer to as "Sybil" directed us to the exact address of the paint store. Oh,sure I wanted to slap her a few times and I made fun of her like there was no tomorrow, but how cool was it that she got me here , there and back.
The only problem was that "Sybil" can't factor in neighborhoods that you should seriously avoid. (like the cops do) She also sends you to construction zones, and closed freeways. (she doesn't have your back )I ended up in "Westport" Missouri.

Westport had been the last wagon supply stop west of the Mississippi for many years. It's now known for it's art community and the other community that dresses like "The Village people".

I saw this man Glenn pictured above!! It was kinda like one of those Elvis sightings only way less exciting and a little more scarey. All the while I kept thinking, "There's no place like home" , There's no place like home" and in a repetitive OCD fashion.
I smiled at him but he didn't appear to be in a good mood. ( he must have been reading one of Mr.Nelsons posts) People in the city are friendly right?
Below is the actual video footage of my new Westport friends. The man with the white safety helmet was helpful. He tried to sell me paint.
I am so glad to be home. I am now back in my comfort zone. Thanks be to God.

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