Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I also saw them on a Tuesday in early spring.

Had they been the red clouds like the ones I had seen over on "Spirit Daily" I would'a needed a "depends". I'm already kinda twitchy and expectant for something freaky to happen anyway.
The people that I spoke to about these clouds were unimpressed. I had never seen clouds like this before. They hung low in the sky and I was totally creeped out.
The Jews over on Israel National Radio had said that God reveals himself to us through nature sometimes. I happen to agree.

When all hell breaks lose were gonna need some marshmellows and some really long roasting sticks.


Luckyman said...

I have seen these clouds before, they sometimes show as a storm comes up.

belinda said...

Yes that's what happened ! It was warm outside then the temp dropped drastically.

Vincenzo said...

LOL that one guy in the video:
"Let's have another cocktail right now cause I don't know if I can handle this."

I don't think that I've seen those clouds before.

belinda said...

Yes they scared and fascinated me.