Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Remember when our Dear Miss Lola sent me that Honest Scrap Award ?

Even though I had failed to send it out to my 10 blogger buddies (I don't have that many friends Lola :( I always use that line when someone asks me to have a Tupperware or Amway party.)
I would like to send the Honest Scrap award to my blog administrator. I told him that I would list 10 things about him that no one else knows.

1) He's cool headed when facing an emergency and old ladies love him.

2) He loves the poor therefore he too will always be poor.

3) He ALWAYS takes a persons feelings into consideration before he makes any decisions.

4) He has very good taste. No pleather furniture or velvet prints of Elvis for him. No jumpsuits or leisure suits are in his closet either.

5) He loves AIRPLANES !!! He wants one. Badly.

6) He always puts his family first ,but he becomes cranky if he has to sit around the house. He likes to go places and go for rides Just like Buster.
( but it's the exact opposite with me )

7) He loves animals even the non cuddly ones.

8) Everyone that knows us as a couple likes him best. He isn't funny but he is so sweet that people just love him. Even my own parents like him better and I'm not joking. I'm like a storm . He's like a cool breeze.

9) He has no interest in talking about our Catholic faith but he lives it.
I just like to talk about our faith. hahahahaha

10) He loves Christmas with a passion.

In the marriage lotto of life my husband was screwed. hahahaha

He is also an excellent parent, swimmer and cook. He can build or repair anything. He has a voice that sounds like an antique record when he sings so he sounds kinda funny if he's singing something like a rock and roll song, but it's cool if he sings a classic song of some sort and he sounds better than "Whispering Jack."

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