Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I have been given the Honest Scrap award from Miss Lola !

You can find Lola over at -"What Lola wants and some unsolicited advice".
My blog administrator ( who also happens to be my husband) wrote these 10 things about me. One of the things that he had left out was that I have kept my toes painted continually for at least 7 years. The color..... "I'm not really a waitress" red by OPI. My husband asked me "what do your toes look like underneath that polish? " I said , "I really don't know anymore."

My husband wrote....
1) She likes to camp and ride her bike, but she's kind of a pansy.

2) She always orders chicken fried steak when I take her out to eat.

3) She wants to own "The Munsters" view master reel pack.

4) She can do just about anything that she puts her mind to.

5) Her favorite vacation was to Yellowstone WY.

6) She's a good cook if you can get her to cook for you.

7) Belinda almost got into a fight with a corn fed Missouri boy at an amusement park because he said a racial slur to another person.

8) She has a very desirable work ethic.

9) Since starting her blog she's experienced growth in many areas of her life.

10) She likes the song "kiss" by Tom Jones.

*(I won't post that song. It's too naughty)


Luckyman said...

I've visited your blog from time to time and enjoy the comedy of it. When you mentioned the Munsters I haven't seen that show in years, Herman was a funny character, especially his laugh.

Thanks for posting.

belinda said...

The Munster viewmaster reel pack sold for 133.00 per reel in MINT condition. That was 400.00 !!
And it was about 16 months ago.

But then about 2 months ago a minty pack sold for around 130.00

The reels for the most part do hold their value. Mine are still worth what I had paid for them.

Another crazy priced reel is one from when Kennedy visited Ireland in the early 1960's.

There were homemade reels that individuals like to collect as well as medical reels of the human body for medical students and also porn reels were produced. Mostly just topless women. (I like to yell at the sellers of these reels for fun)

During WW2 sets of reels were produced of enemy planes so that Americans could easily learn to identify enemy aircraft. These sets are worth a fortune.

Your the first person to ever write to me about viewmasters.
How nice.

Vincenzo said...

MUNSTERS viewmaster

belinda said...

Can you give me a loan Vincenzo? (hint - I don't have a job so you probably shouldn't)
Hey, those reels weren't minty either!
I can't afford minty anyway. I'd have to settle for maybe a little fresh with some kid slime on the cells.
Kids = slime

Vincenzo said...

belinda said...

Good job Vincenzo. Thanks for not making me Eddy or worse yet Grandpa. I made myself Lilly over on but it looked too WEIRD.

Lola said...

I love the OPI nail polish!

This was so fun to read, and so sweet of your sweetie.

I0 too love LOVE the Tom Jone version of Kiss.

God Bless you Belinda!