Friday, August 28, 2009

Can you imagine ?

Carefully and lovingly creating little images of yourself and falling so deeply in love with your little project that you become part of the project? Can you imagine that one day part of that very same project has the nerve to turn it's back on you and to make war against you and against each other and after all that you had done for them?
All you ever did was fall in love with them and you ached for their love in return , but you would have never dreamt of forcing them to love you because that's not how real love works.
You waited and hoped for the day when they would return to you and to love you even if that love were only a fraction of the love that you have felt for them, but for many of your beloved creation they simply refused.
So you decide to send in your son, the only son that you have to try to talk some sense in to your creation, and to reconcile with them and redeem them but instead they decide to kill him and
even though you knew how this story would end
you still chose to do it anyway.......... because of your great love for your people,
yet more amazing still was that you chose to love the ones who would hate you and you
knew that they would hate you even before they knew it themselves.


Melody K said...

That's good, Belinda!

Lola said...

Muy Bien! The photo illustration and everything.

You are a creative girl.

belinda said...

Thank you that's very nice of both of you to say.

My grammar is poor my punctuation is lousy and spell check saves the last of my dignity. Worse yet I think that my posts are incoherent at times.

I blog to hear myself think and to talk to God and to my kids. I really do suck for the most part, but I'm trying not to.