Friday, August 28, 2009

I saw a movie this week ! Well ,sort of.

My entertainment director took me out to see the the Brad Pitt movie "Inglorious bastards".
Believe it or not I have only seen one other Brad Pitt movie. I rarely watch movies.
When I was a small child my parents thoroughly enjoyed movies especially my Mother. My Dad was a public servant and he had a permanent free pass for his family and for many years .
I was exposed to movies that were violent , or ones that had sex and nudity, and not to mention the ones with just plain crazy ideas. We went out nearly every weekend and most of the movies confused and upset me. I mostly remember horrible greasy looking men in westerns doing bad things ,but that's about it .
I rarely go to the theater today and although I went through a movie "phase" back in the 1980's I quit watching mainstream movies for the most part since the 1990's. except for documentaries and kids movies from Blockbuster.
Back in the early 1970's I got into trouble from my Father while I was lying down in the back of our truck , he had said, "Belinda , I told you to go to sleep and to be quiet!" I said , "I'm sorry Dad, I was saying my prayers." Then he mumbled something to my Mom and then they both laughed. ( I have always been a genetic fluke of nature. What was God thinking?)

Fast forward to today and one of our daughters is living in Los Angeles, studying animation and movie making. I've seen her work and it's cool . She's very talented, but I could never visualize myself going to a movie premiere . I'm no fun. Besides I'd want to yell at the movie stars and not in a way of admiration.

Finally my Mother is getting fed up with movies.
AND my parents have been Catholic converts for about 6 years now.
Some prayers said in the back of pick up trucks by
odd little girls take freaking forever to answer.

Lastly, I've decided that I will be going out more with my entertainment director because
I had such a nice time with him.


Melody K said...

If you're going to the movies you would both like "The Time Traveller's Wife". We saw it last week and enjoyed it.

belinda said...

Thanks Miss Melody, will I have to cover my eyes much?

Melody K said...

It's PG-13, but there is some skin showing. When Henry, the male lead, time-travels (it's sort of like an epileptic attack) his clothes don't go with him, and he has to grab whatever he can find to cover up. But there is never a frontal view, and the camera doesn't really dwell on this. Follows the book pretty closely.

belinda said...

I'll bring the Jr.Mints. Thanks ;)