Saturday, August 8, 2009

I can't believe that I'm still alive today. If the toy was dangerous then we had it.

Once when I was about eleven years old my mother gave me a pack of cigarettes (we ran out of punks) some matches and some explosives and told me to go outside and play. We had so many firecrackers to set off that at one point we were yelled at because we didn't shoot them all off fast enough and had become bored with them. Years later .....
When I was 17 my boyfriend who also happens to be my blog administrator and my father and brother would have bottle rocket wars where we would try to shoot the bottle rockets directly at the persons on the other team.
My parents were liberal 1960's kinda people. What can I say. I am a genetic fluke of nature and uber conservative.

*I grew up to be a non- smoker. I only smoked during firecracker season as a child.


Enbrethiliel said...


Ah, Belinda, you're hilarious! =)

Vincenzo said...

I used them as punks too.

belinda said...

Vincenzo, Yeah that's what all little children say !

Thank you for the prayers. I noticed that they helped my children. One child in particular.