Thursday, August 13, 2009

Jiffy pop sells disappointment to children of all ages.

The problem is that the handle is too short and you have to practically put your whole arm into the flames to cook the stupid thing. With singed arm hair , smoke inhalation and burning watering eyes I finally gave up. The foil top tore open prematurely and corn would pop only to fall into the flames. It was burnt on the bottom and yet it still had mostly unpopped kernels. I threw it into the fire and burnt it up entirely because of the bears. Campers were required to get rid of all traces of food. I know that it states on the Jiffy package that it's not to be used over an open flame but it's sold with the camping items and the children thought it would be fun. It's not.

Have you Jiffy pop people seen how much negative feed back that you have over on YouTube and on various blogs. Just google Jiffy Pop sucks and you will find out what I am talking about.

Anyway, I cleaned up my mess and I went to bed - I sleep in the van.... like a hippy freak from the 1960's. Our camping neighbors were from South Korea so our family ambassador decides to pay them a visit. Oh, how he LOVES to visit. As I was nodding off to sleep I could hear their family and my ambassador talking and laughing around their camp fire.
The next morning as I crawled out of the van there was the Jolly Korean Dad from next door to greet me and he said ,"GOOD MORNING! And I said "um, yeah", and I thought oh no! They assume that I'm nice too. They were unfamiliar with our "good cop , bad cop" routine. Anyway then I caught a glimpse of their teenager coming back from the trash receptacle and he looked crabby and I thought to myself.... hum, now that's the one that I like....


Vincenzo said...

"I sleep in the van.... like a hippy freak from the 1960's."

Down by the river?

belinda said...

Why YES !
I do sleep down by the river, also by lakes ,roaring streams and wild beasts.
I have slept beside cliffs , canyons and once at a film festival.. next to the interstate and yet surprisingly even though I have SO many stressers I don't do drugs and you know why don't you?.... Because people who do drugs end up living with their parents in a van down by the river !!

I often fantisize about running away from home. I think about taking the van and driving to Lake Louise Canada but once my family caught on to my escape plan they would take a flight and greet me upon my arrival slapping each other around... Just like home.

Vincenzo said...

Oooh that's a beautiful pic. I wish I was there now.

Vincenzo said...

I just ate pizza and an entire bag of dark chocolates.

Vincenzo said...