Tuesday, August 11, 2009

People love the "Fan and Mortar" geysers. The spray felt like warm bathtub water and it smelled like a sewage treatment plant.

These two geysers are connected underground and they go off about every four days . There are geyser clubs where people in groups will sit and wait for hours just to see this stuff happen. A woman told me that she had been waiting for 12 hours for this moment.
These two geysers are more active than they had been and sometimes a geyser can spring up from out of no where.
If your really interested you can check out the Mortar and fan geysers over on youtube.
I think my vacation photos are getting boring . I only have five more vacation posts (I know).
I am posting for my family members that didn't get to travel with us and for my blog administrator and of course for my enthralled blogger buddies.


Melody K said...

I don't think your vacation photos are boring. I liked the bit about the "heartbeat" geyser. However, you're right, that hot-springs sulfur smell is something else. Did you make it to Thermopolis, Wyoming? It about wins the prize for smelly places.

belinda said...

Why yes indeed we did go to Thermopolis but we (My daughters and I) refused to get into the water. The swimming pool water wasn't purified and it smelled like poo. No chlorine = no swim.
I have children I know what happens.
So we went to the Dino museum.
I wasn't impressed, but I have the coolest coincidence to blog about and I can hardly wait.